Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO
Hurtta Travel Harness ECO

Hurtta Travel Harness ECO

Ár 35.200 Ft Kedvezmény

The dog Travel Harness ECO features a durable, easy-to-use, Hurtta-designed seat belt attachment loop that allows dogs to safely sit, stand or lie down.

Car safety on the road is a big deal, especially for our furry friends who often travel unsecured in cars. Maybe you drive with your dog for daily or weekly play dates or training sessions. Or maybe you drive to daycare daily, or the groomer, the vet, even a dog masseuse. And don’t forget driving to see friends and family on weekends and holidays. The point is, you’re probably on the road with your dog a lot more than you think. That’s why we designed the Travel Harness ECO dog car harness.

Some vehicles have space for dogs to travel in the back or trunk area of the car. Often people prefer the back seat where they can be a bit closer to their best friends. It’s also a good spot because then you can use the seat belts that are in the back seat to secure your dog. The back seat also allows the driver to concentrate on the task of driving.

Why the Travel Harness ECO dog car harness is a worthy travel companion:

-Crash-tested reliability
-Quick and easy to put on
-Allows dog to sit, stand or lie down
-Durable materials and construction
-Adjustable at the neckline, chest, and waist

If you’re a dog owner, the Hurtta Travel Harness ECO is a vital safety accessory. The car harness is the result of three years of precise planning and testing by Hurtta's own product development team. The harness has been rigorously put to the test, literally, in ten official crash tests to ensure that it meets regulatory and our own personal high standards. The dog car harness is made of very strong and durable materials and its design structure is safe for your dog. The harness also contains recycled ECO materials.

Thanks to its thoughtful design the Travel Harness ECO is comfortable for dogs to wear, especially because it allows them to sit, stand, or lie down while in transit. The harness will not restrict the dog's movement when it changes position. And you can find your dog’s perfect fit and fine tune his or her comfort level with adjustable points at the neckline, chest, and waist.

Dressing the dog travel harness is easy. It’s similar to the way you put on a Y-harness. First place the harness over the dog’s head, then work the shaped and padded chest section through the front legs. Next attach the chest section to the top section with our specially designed slide-and-lock fastening buckles which are quick and easy to connect. With the harness on and your dog in place, run the seat belt through the sturdy harness loop that’s attached to the top of the harness. Then simply secure the car’s seat belt into its buckle the way you secure your own. It’s that easy. And because you use your car’s existing seat belt, it’s super easy to let your dog out for pee breaks and to stretch and run around outside on longer trips.

The Travel Harness ECO fits all common seat belts, and unlike many car harnesses a separate adaptor is not required. Every dog owner cares about their dog’s safety and the Travel Harness ECO is a smart and easy way to gain meaningful peace of mind.

More reasons to love the Travel Harness ECO:

-A separate seat belt adaptor is not required
-Durable metal leash ring included
-Contains recycled ECO materials

  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable handle and stainless steel metal ring for the leash
  • Weatherproof shell with comfortable neoprene padding
  • Adjustable neckline, chest and waist strap
  • Crash tested


  • Durable 100% PES surface fabric
  • Waterproof 2mm neoprene padding
  • Breathable 100% Recycled PES 3D mesh lining
  • Durable 100%Nylon straps
  • Stainless steel metal components and iron buckles

Care instructions

  • Hand wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean


  • Give or sell too small or unused product to a new user
  • Recycle the cord of the hangtag in arts and crafts
  • Recycle the product's plastic bag in plastic waste
  • Recycle the product's cardboard packaging/hangtag in cardboard waste
  • Recycle the product packaging box or paper bag in cardboard waste
  • Reuse the product materials for a new product
  • Sort and recycle fabrics and other materials of product